If the legendary Tupac Shakur and Jill Scott had an offspring she would be it. If Jimmy Hendrix and Lauryn Hill made music together it would sound like hers. Bay Area Artist Jasmine Nichol is the evolution of a 1960’s Urban Hippie Revolutionist. In fact, in defiance of industry labeling and the idea of being boxed in by a specific genre Jasmine Nichol embraces all of her musical personalities. While “Jasmine Nichol” embodies her whole being, “Ms. Nichol” showcases her most intimate side, “Gypsy J” her need to display her youthful rebellion and “Hippie Goddess” mother earths’ protector with the message of peace, love and happiness.

Born and raised in California’s “Bay Area” a region known for its progressive revolutions, the notion that you are free to love whoever you want and some of the best herbal medicine on the planet, Jasmine Nichol is the spitting image of her environment. Her music embodies a sense of spirituality, peace, love, and at times the need to speak against the injustices of the world. While growing up in the Bay had a direct impact in her personal development, music came from within her own family. Her grandfather, aunt and mother were all part of the music industry proving not only is music her passion but in her DNA.

Ms Nichol bolted onto the music scene with the release of her freshman mixtape titled, Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time, in the summer of 2012. She complimented the mixtape by showcasing the project’s single, The Fantasy music video With no time wasted The Hippie Goddess released her sophomore project #NoE in spring of 2013 also accompanied by a visual to the popular joint Hippie Turn Up Currently Ms Nichol is on a promotional run focused on performances on the West Coast. She has shared the stage with such artist as Miguel, Jhené Aiko, JoJo, Bilal, Travis Garland, IamSu and Snoop Dogg!

In 2013 Jasmine Nichol was named as one of Sacramento News and Reviews “Freshman Class” and has received other accolades during the launch of her career. In the summer of 2014 Ms Nichol will take her musical talents to the Mecca of Music, Southern California to venture into the next part of her career. Whether on stage, in the studio, or exploring the streets of California, Jasmine Nichol has one mission, which is focused on spreading peace, love and happiness to all whom her words come in contact with. One last message Ms Nichol wants all her fans and loved ones to know is that, #HippiesDoItBetta !